Communications from the Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India. And, feedback from you.

Dear Colleagues, Best wishes to all of you again for a fulfilling 2019. I am writing to update you on a couple of communication and interaction steps we have taken and which we will enhance in the coming weeks. In addition to the Principal Scientific Adviser’s handle, which I use @PrinSciAdvGoI, we have another which our communication team handles:  @PrinSciAdvOff  Our communication team,  will collect all feedback from these handles and use them to get your views, criticism, and suggestions and act on them. 

We have also started this blog-site 

There will be regular blogs on specific topics, and comments on each of those are, of course, most welcome. In addition, there will be invited guest-blogs and links to useful material posted elsewhere. If you want to write on this blog-site do contact us. 

 The blog-site will allow you to post longer comments than on Twitter.  Comments posted on this site are public and will be moderated only to prevent posting of hate- speech.

I hope that this site will stir deep discussions on topics that Twitter and other sites identify. 

Best wishes


K. VijayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India