Scientists In India, post-1947

From Ek Pradarshini 2018

Some have asked about accomplished Indian scientists who have done their work post-1947. There are many, some well known, some not so well known. EkPradarshini 2018 attempted to give a flavour of some pre- and post 1947 scientist (and, that means a flavour. Being out is not a big deal, and nor is being in). It is time to add more online and perhaps have another exhibition. Do send in names. Scientists, innovators, institution builders: People whose presence has made a difference and whose absence would have been a loss. Fame and age are not criteria for inclusion or exclusion. Let us celebrate the good and the caring of the highest quality. Many of them are around us.

3 thoughts on “Scientists In India, post-1947

  1. Dear Prof. Vijay,
    Thank you and your team for exhibiting the accomplishments of Indian science through this amazing and interactive website. I love the website and it’s content. It’s very handy while discussing the philosophy of Science.

    We can add a section on economics sciences as well. Work of Amartya Kumar Sen on economics of social welfare for example.

    Rohit Vashisht

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  2. This is a wonderful effort to curate and update, not just the list but also the minds of curious researchers across the country. Undeniably, some of the work done before 1947 was awe-inspiring. However, there should always be something to look forward to and this, in a way, builds a momentum and will motivate everyone to believe that ‘the best is always yet to come!’

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  3. Indian science community, including our students, need to know what Indian scientists have contributed to this world. Talk delivered by Prof Lakhotia, BHU at YIM2018 talked about some historical perspective and contributions by Indian scientists. The power point is available for free download from our website (
    Also, IndiaBioscience has been doing the wiki-thons to create profiles of Indian women scientists on wikipedia. Our upcoming booklet on Women in Science will also have a timeline depicting some famous women scientists (past and present) from India.


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